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Fly Fishing takes us to some amazing places, places that we may otherwise never venture's both a reason to go and a reason to stay...

We think this is an absolutely top idea so are very pleased to be supporting the new initiative called Future Rivers - It's all about businesses giving back

- a percentage of all purchases from the Flyshop now go to supporting FR projects - so every time you buy something from the Flyshop the environment will be better off! How good is that! Visit the FR website and like/share the page

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on UMPQUA Tippet & Leaders

Umpqua Tippet Specials

New Zealand Fly Fishing Guides supporting Future RiversFly Fishing
New Zealand?

Want to experience some of the best fly fishing in New Zealand?

Well those big fish aren't that easy to catch, and first you've got to find where they are........

You should consider booking a 'Future Rivers' Guide to show you just where and how to catch our big fish.

Let them share their secret places with you, the places only a local could know about ..... and guarantee yourself a successful trip

I highly recommend these guides to you, as they're the Good Buggers Giving Back;

Click here: New Zealand Fly Fishing Guides

Here's a list of 'MUST HAVES' for your trip

New; Click to view all of our new Fly Fishing products
Fishpond Wildhorse Tech Pack Fishpond Gore Range Tech Pack Fishpond Wasatch Tech Pack
Fishpond Wildhorse Tech Pack Fishpond Gore Range Tech Pack Fishpond Wasatch Tech Pack
FM Trout Flies Huge range designed by guides and fly tyers to catch big NZ trout; Tied on Tiemco Hooks because they are the strongest, you'll need some of these!

Now stocking Rio Fly Lines

So which are the best fly lines? It's a good question and would no doubt create some interesting discussions amongst any group of fly fishermen - But hard to go past the Rio range - excellent quality - castablity - and stealth colours

Rio Fly Lines
Rio Light Trout
Rio Gold
Rio Grand
Rio Light Trout
This is a great line for stealth work - smaller streams and delicate presentations

Rio Gold
Is a good all round line to cover the bases

Rio Grand
Has a bit more grunt - a back country line to cope with windy conditions

Fly Tying Materials

It's fly tying time!!

You'll never go back to a standard vice after tying on a Peak! Use a Peak for all your fly tying needs!

Vice: Peak - Rotary Fly Tying Vice

Tiemco Hooks

I believe fly tying materials should be inexpensive to buy, hence I'm keeping my prices as low as I can!! To check them out click: Fly Tying

I now stock 101 different fly tying products, with 370 different size or colour choices!! Supplies from Feather Merchants, Tiemco, Dr Slick & Veniard & Hends all recognised for their high quality fly tying materials 

Riverworks Wading Boots Riverworks Wading Boots are now available from Flyshop

I have three styles available; Great quality at a great price

Designed for NZ fly fishing, these boots are much better than previous wading boot I've had and I can highly recommend them to you

Stroft Tippet MaterialWhat's Hot;
Stroft Tippet Material

What the competition fly fishermen use, soft, supple but strong

Great value Beginner and Intermediate fly rod package
deal for getting started fly fishing

Beginner Fly Rod Package 2 Beginner Fly Rod Package 1

Beginner Fly Rod Package 2

Beginner/Intermediate Package 3

Specials: Click here now Bargain Bin: Click here now

Fly Fishing Products
Trout Flies Fly Tying Materials New Zealand Fly Fishing Guides
A large range including FM quality trout flies and saltwater flies Quality fly tying materials from Metz, Feather Merchants, Veniard, Hends, Tiemco, and others Enjoy some of the best fly fishing with some of New Zealand's best guides! I have guides listed for both North and South Island Fly Fishing
Fly Fishing Vests Fly Tying Tools Fly Tying Kits
CDX and Columbia Vests A complete range of Fly Fishing Tools including the Peaks Rotary Vice and Tiemco Tools A great way to get started Fly Tying: Umpqua Fly Tying Kits
Fly Rod Packages Custom Made Waders Spotters Shades
Beginner/Intermediate Fly Rod packages, just what you need to start fly fishing! Trouble fitting standard waders? Then these are the answer; DryLine Custom Made Waders are high quality, service is outstanding. Neoprene Waders are available No introduction needed here; Made in Australia for Spotting Fish in New Zealand. I would be without mine!
CD Fly Rods McLean Landing Nets
Composite Developments NZ has a deserved reputation for high quality fly rods including the XLS Fly Rod and ICT Fly Rod

Simple the best nets available for the fly fisherman, a full range including the very popular Weigh Nets
Topographic Maps Okuma Fly Reels Waders
Plan your fishing trip with the aid of these invaluable maps

Okuma fly reels offer exception value for money fly reels;

Okuma SLV Fly Reel

A range of waders for all your needs;

Scierra Waders

DryLINE Neoprene Chest Waders

Accessories DVD's & Books
All the extras and gadgets that make life easier on the water

Fly Fishing Books and DVD's
Now available:

NZ Fly Fishing Forum Fly Fishing Info Wading Boots
Chat online with like minded Kiwi anglers Useful tips and Info about fly fishing  

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